1 million yen for the 1st place. The prize money breakdown set for the last FIFG Major in 2017.

September 11, 2017

The Japan FootGolf Association announced today that the prize money breakdown is set for the FIFG World Tour Japan Footgolf International Open 2017, the last FIFG Major in 2017, which will be held from October 26th to 29th at the Karuizawa 72 South. The organization has already disclosed the 3,500,000 yen for the total purse of the tournament.


The champion for the general category will get the 1 million yen for the tournament, and it will be the highest prize money in the history of the sport for individual competitor has ever get in the single event.


<The general category>
1st    ¥1,000,000
2nd    ¥500,000
3rd    ¥300,000
4th    ¥200,000
5th    ¥140,000
6th    ¥120,000
7th    ¥100,000
8th    ¥90,000
9th    ¥85,000
10th    ¥80,000
11th    ¥75,000
12th    ¥70,000
13th    ¥65,000
14th    ¥60,000
15th    ¥55,000
16th    ¥50,000
17th    ¥45,000
18th    ¥40,000
19th    ¥35,000
20th    ¥30,000


<The women's category>    
1st    ¥100,000
2nd    ¥50,000
3rd    ¥30,000


<The Senoir category>
1st    ¥100,000
2nd    ¥50,000
3rd    ¥30,000


Click HERE for the details of the FIFG World Tour Japan Footgolf International Open 2017

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