About the 40th Japan Open

The 40th Japan Open is the biggest tournament of the year in Japan hosted by Japan FootGolf Association. While FIFG classifies their World Tour tournaments into the major, FIFG 500, FIFG250, FIFG100, and FIFG50, this tournament is positioned as a second largest event of the tour, and players will come together for the event from not only Japan, but all over the world. 
As former professional football players, such as Nobuyuki Zaizen, Satoshi Horinouchi, Toshiyuki Abe, and Karina Maruyama from 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup champion Team Japan have played the same level tournament in the past, famed former athletes following them would play in Gifu this year. Anyone is welcomed to play in this open tournament, so we are waiting your challenge!

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Date and The Course


July 26th-28th



14 hill's Country Club

Gifu, Japan

Tournament Schedule

July 26th

Practice Round 13:00 pm - Sunset

July 27th

1st Round 13:00 pm

July 28th

Final Round 13:00 pm

Closing Ceremony TBA

Tournament Outline

●Tournament Title
FIFG500 The 40th Japan Open

●Tournament Host
Japan FootGolf Association


Asiana Airlines, Inc., IRMAX INC., OKWAVE, Sapporo Breweries ltd., Shields Japan Limited, TV Aichi, Fujisawakiki K.K.

●Tour sponsors

Shields Japan ltd., Sapporo Breweries ltd.

●Official Media Partner
TV Aichi

Friday, July 26th. Practice round
Saturday, July 27th. 1st round
​Sunday, July 28th. Final round, award ceremony

●Host Course
14 Hill's Country Club
(1511-456, Iinuma, Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu, 509-7322, Japan TEL:+81-(0)573-64-9414)

●Maximum Number of Players
96 total for absolute, senior, and female division.

●Applicant Eligibility
All players must be 18 years old(agreement from guardian will be needed under 20 years old) or above and must to be registered to the World Tour 2019.

●Application Period
​From Friday, June 7th to Sunday, July 14th JST.(First come, first served)

●Registration Fee
30,000 yen
*includes 15,000 yen for green fee and 15,000 yen for entry fee.
*including tax.
*All meals are not included.

Total cash purse: 500,000 yen (and above, TBA)

●Tournament Rule
■Individual competition
-2 days 36 holes stroke play. The absolute and senior categories start from the regular tee and female category starts from the front tee. 
-Played entirely under the Rules of the Federation for International FootGolf and the local rule given by the tournament committee.


・In any category, in the case of a tie on the first five places, the tournament has a playoff among all tied players to determine the ranking and the point distribution. The election of the hole(s) to be played or the penalty shootout position is defined by the organizers and will be communicated with the local rules before the tournaments begins.
・The playoff will be played on a minimum of one hole and a maximum of three holes for the title. If the players are still tied after the playoff, there will be a penalty shootout (five putts/players from a distance of a minimum of 5 meters and a maximum of 11 meters) followed by a sudden death penalty shootout if necessary.
・In all categories, for the TOP 5, at least one penalty shootout is required to untie the players and determine the final ranking.

If the playoff can not take place for any reason (climate conditions, lack of sunlight, safety, etc.) , the ranking will be determined the following ways:
1. 1st position will be decided by the last 18 holes (final day) score.
2. If there is tie again, the last 6 holes will be taken into consideration.
3. If there is tie again, the last 3 holes will be taken into consideration.
4. If there is tie again, the last hole will be taken into consideration.
5. If there is a tie after that, a coin toss will determine the winner and split the money.


●Admission Fee


-Registration fee after payment will not be refunded for any reason. (Including case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather, accident, natural disaster etc)
-If a false declaration at the time of registration or a participation other than the applicant (illegal appearance) is found, the participation of the player will be canceled and the registration fee will not be refunded.
-The tournament office will decide the tee times and pairing.
-The agreement from guardian is needed for the participation of age under 20.
-Tournament host, organizations such as sponsors, cooperations, etc. do not take any responsibility in case of diseases, loss, damages, other accidents occurred during the event. 
-Posting and portrait rights on images, articles, records, and names and age of players during tournament belong to the tournament host.
-Sales of pictures taken during the event is prohibited.
-Personal information, such as portrait of a participant (face picture etc.), name, age, is attributed to tournament host.
-If it is determined that there is an act that would hurt the quality of the event, even if the player is playing, he/she will immediately disqualify from the tournament and the registration fee will not be refunded.
-Playing on the putting surface of golf is prohibited.
-Players are prohibited from participating in the event if it is judged that they are members of a group or their constituent bodies that is likely to encourage violent torts and other acts.
-The tournament host is not responsible for late arrival due to public transportation, road conditions, etc.